“The Week on Wednesday” with Van Badham & Ben Davison

Episode 64: QAnon protests in Victoria, Morrison‘s 2022 election re-run of 2004, Strollout is the word of the year and good news

November 17, 2021

Van Badham and Ben Davison examine the Qanon manipulations that are driving the protests in Victoria as more and more Liberal MPs are enticed to support the far right, mock lynching, reporter chasing extremist minority that continues to make threats against the democratic representatives of Victoria and wave Trump flags.

Morrison has tried "who do you trust", "The Australia Way", and pretending that being paid $1,500 a day to have haircuts and hangout cooking BBQs was governing and is now going back to the 2004 Howard era playbook of "Interest Rates and Petrol Prices" in his ongoing attempt to find a winning strategy.  After eight years of Liberal/National government it is a pathetic and sad thing for the Australian people to watch.

The word "Strollout" coined by Australian Unions leader Sally McManus about the failures of the Morrison government vaccine program has been named the Australian word of the year by the Oxford English Dictionary.  Given it seems to apply to the Morrison government approach to economic support, climate action, job security, disaster relief and the NBN, as well as the vaccine roll out, maybe it is the word of the Morrison "era"?

Finally, there is some good news about solar, self propelling caravans and mangroves.

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